What's all this about then?

  • WHAT

    QLIP supports the youth sector in Islington to better measure, understand and communicate the impact that their work has on young people. We've developed a bespoke impact measurement framework, as well as a series of interactive measurement tools, specifically for Islington organisations.

  • WHY

    We know that high-quality youth work has a massive impact on young people's lives. As practitioners, we see this every day. Being able to capture this, demonstrate change, and communicate this concretely to partners, funders and other stakeholders helps organisations continually improve their practice, and may help unlock additional resources to sustain their work.

  • WHO

    Any youth provider delivering in Islington can get involved, whether you're already an expert in impact measurement or whether you're just getting started. There are no long surveys - just simple, practical and fun activities to understand the impact of your work.

On the right you can find off-the-shelf session plans, resources, and the MEL Framework. Everything you need to get started.


Impact Report 2023/24

Not too sure where to start?

If you’re unsure where to start, you can get in touch with Ruth at London Youth who’ll be able to answer any queries or organise a visit to help guide you through a session.