What's all this about then?

  • Who

    This programme is for Youth Work Managers and Senior Youth Workers (or similar roles) who work on delivering youth work programmes and services in Islington. Specifically, those practitioners involved in direct delivery AND line management of staff or volunteers.

  • When

    Each session lasts one hour and occur once a month (with the option to skip August). Supervisees arrange with their supervisor the times and dates which suit them best. The minimum period of engagement is one year.

  • Where

    Supervision sessions will typically take place on Zoom. But there's nothing to stop supervision happening in person.

Supervision is a collaborative process with professional boundaries involving the exploration and sharing of practice. The process is mindful of the expectation of a duty of care and the need for ethical, effective, efficient, and so safe delivery of services.

Supervision is a means of reflection and an organic form of quality assurance, holding in mind the benefit, safeguarding and well-being of practitioners, clients and the organisation.

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